Hoogwaardige industriële smeermiddelen

Industrial lubricants

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Assembly pastes

Damage to metal surfaces often occurs during the assembly and running-in of machines due to excessive load. Tribologically speaking, we are talking about a border friction area here. By applying mounting pastes that can withstand very high loads and have an excellent anti-wear effect, you prevent premature damage.


Thread pastes

When tightening a bolt connection, friction is created between the bolt and the nut. This friction is so strong that the oxide layer wears off the thread flanks. This can cause fretting to the bolt and nut. You can prevent this by using a thread paste.





Bearing lubricants

The composition of a bearing lubricant is ideal for moving parts that require lubrication. They have a solid to semi-liquid structure and are composed of oils, a thickener and additives. The choice of the right lubricant is very important because the use of bearings is very diverse.

Tandwiel smeermiddelen

Gear Lubricants

A gear lubricant must withstand enormous pressure, reduce friction between the tooth flanks and dissipate frictional heat. In addition, the lubricant should dampen transmission noise and reduce wear.


Chain Lubricants

You can lubricate a chain with oil or grease. We supply both, for both conveyor chains and drive chains. This distinction is important, because the most important requirements are determined by the application.

Anti-frictie coatings

Anti-Friction coatings

Anti-Friction Coatings are lacquer-like products. In addition to greases and oils, AF-Coatings form a lubricating film that covers the surface roughness and thus forms a protection against friction between surfaces. Even under extreme loads.

Afdichtingen en O-ringen

Seals and O-rings

There are different types of seals, which is why the choice for the right lubricant is very important. The difference is between sealing types for static and dynamic parts.

Industriële oliën

Industrial oils

An industrial oil has to transfer power, lubricate part of the installation and protect the system. Good oil does all that. The best oil does more. You will find it with us.

Food grade smeermiddelen

Food grade lubricants

Food Grade lubricants have been specially developed for use in the food and beverage industry or where incidental contact with food is possible. Our range includes oils, greases and pastes, all according to H1 and even 3H approval.

Biologisch afbreekbare smeermiddelen

Biodegradable Lubricants

Mavom offers biodegradable lubricants based on a unique technology from RSC Bio Solutions. They are environmentally friendly products with technically superior properties, which also provide excellent lubricating performance.

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