Hoogwaardige industriële smeermiddelen

Industrial cleaning

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In our product range:

Reinigingsmiddelen voor Dompel en Ultrasoon processen

Cleaning agents for immersion and ultrasonic processes

When dipping, the product is immersed in a cleaning liquid. Cleaning is often enhanced with ultrasonic that vibrates the contamination loose.

Reinigingsmiddelen voor sproeiprocessen

Cleaning agents for spraying

Spray cleaning is very effective. The combination of the power of the cleaning agent and the power of the liquid jet guarantees an excellent result.

Hoge druk reinigers

High pressure cleaners

High pressure cleaning is done manually. For small numbers and large parts, this is an effective way, thanks to the contribution of the power of the beam.

Onderdelen reinigingstafel

Parts cleaner

With a parts washer, the dirt is manually removed using a brush through which cleaning liquid flows. The liquid is then collected and returned to the storage vessel.

Industriële procesreinigers

Vapor degreasing

Closed vapor degreasing machines using the safe SAFE-TAINER system. This achieves a perfect cleaning result without fire, explosion and/or exposure risk for the employees.

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