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In 1986, merz+benteli, a Swiss manufacturer, was the first manufacturer to introduce MS polymers in Europe. The aim of these products is to combine the advantages of polyurethanes and silicones. They are soft, elastic adhesives and sealants that adhere well to metal, plastics, stone, concrete, wood and glass. In addition, they are isocyanate-free and paintable. These properties make them widely applicable for automotive, maritime and industrial applications.


The range includes 1-component as well as 2-component products. With the latter, the curing is not dependent on the humidity.

MS Polymeren

In our product range:

MS Polymers

MS polymers function both as adhesives and sealants. MS polymers are flexible and adhere to many substrates without a primer such as metals, plastics, glass and concrete. This makes the products widely applicable and applicable in many industries.

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