Food safe lubricants


JAX produces food-safe lubricants for companies in the food and beverage industry. There is a wide range of products within the brand ranging from food-safe greases to lubricating oils.


JAX lubricants are certified by the NSF and have an NSF H1 approval for incidental food contact. A number of JAX products even have the NSF 3H certificate, which allows direct food contact. The JAX products have anti-corrosion properties and are waterproof. With the food-safe lubricants from Jax we offer a wide range of products with a mineral or synthetic base oil for all lubrication applications in the F&B industry.


Halo-Guard FG series

This series includes EP greases for food processing machines. These versatile greases have excellent anti-corrosion properties and offer good protection against wear. These greases are available in different NLGI classes from 00 to 2.


Perma Gear FG Fluids

These fluids were developed on the basis of the very latest technologies. The base fluids incorporated herein are linear polymers of ethylene and propylene oxide (i.e. polyalkylene glycol). All products in this series have an extremely high viscosity, provide excellent lubrication and result in significant energy savings in gearbox applications.


Flow Guard Synthetic Fluids

The products in this series are intended for industrial use in hydraulic equipment, in gear-driven installations and in other machines that require lubrication. All these products deliver superior performance. Wear to parts is kept to a minimum, resulting in far fewer malfunctions.


Magna Plate

The Magna Plate products include a range of oils and greases for applications where NSF H1 class is required. Applications range from gearboxes, hydraulic oils to greases for heavy duty applications. In addition, the range also includes products from the Pyro-Plate, Magna-Kote, Poly-Guard, etc. series.


Trolley Glide FG-3H

An outlier next to the H1 and H2 products is the Trolley-Glide FG-3H. This is a 3H class conveyor lubricant that is allowed to come into direct contact with foodstuffs. Trolley-Glide lubricants consist of carefully selected base oils and additives. This product ensures a clean, lubricated transport.

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In our product range:

Food safe lubricants

All JAX NSF H1 certified lubricants contain the JAX developed and patented antimicrobial preservative Micronox®. This agent protects the lubricants against microbial contamination and degradation.

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