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For more than 200 years DuPont has been a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals. As a result of extensive R&D and technological development, DuPont has been able to introduce a large number of innovative products, materials and services.

Mavom offers the Dow Corning™ optical encapsulants for LED modules. Furthermore, Mavom is the official partner in the Benelux countries of MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants.

Thermisch geleidende producten

In our product range:

Optical encapsulants for LED

An important characteristic for optical applications is that resins do not yellow under UV light and increased temperature. For semi-conductor LED packaging, the resins should have a high refractive index and low Ion content. Mavom also offers other products for semi-conductor and micro electronic manfucturing processes, like Die-Attach adhesives, Die-encapsulants and spin-on Dielectric products.

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