Mavom offers the brands Dowsil and Silastic. These are silicone based products. Silicones offer unique properties such as high thermal and UV stability as well as electrical insulation, fire and weather resistance and high elasticity making them the preferred materials for many industrial applications in various sectors such as electronics, automotive, railway and energy. Silicones provide superior reliability and long life in harsh environments.

In our product range:

Lijmen en afdichten

Sealing and bonding

Silicone-based adhesives and sealants last longer than most organic adhesives and sealants. They are distinguished by their thermal, electrical and chemical stability under extreme conditions such as UV, ozone, moisture and temperature. In addition, they are fire resistant.

To meet specific needs, different curing types are offered, each with their own benefits. The options are 1- and 2-component products, room temperature curing products, heat curing products and silicone hot melts

Producten voor elektronica

Products for electronics

Reliability is a keyword in the competitive, rapidly evolving world of electronics. As electronic components become more and more complex, the importance of good protection is growing. This can be done in various forms such as casting resins, conformal coatings, adhesives or heat-conducting products. Silicones provide excellent dielectric insulation and maintain their own properties under extreme environmental conditions. In addition, they absorb shocks and vibrations.

Moldmaking producten

Moldmaking products

High-quality replicas, in which even the finest details are meticulously reproduced, every time. This is only possible with durable and flexible moulds. You make them with silicone moldmaking products. Suitable for replicas of stone, glass, wood, metal, wax, ceramics, clay and various casting materials.

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