Cimcool is internationally known as a specialist in fluid technology for cooling and lubrication of all types of metalworking. Cimcool was the first in the world to produce synthetic products and since then they have continued to lead the way in developing ever cleaner, more human and environmentally friendly and better performing metalworking fluids.


Mavom supplies water-miscible and oil-based metalworking fluids from Cimcool from brands such as Milpro, Cimperial, Cimstar and Milform. These fluids make an important contribution to the quality of the workpieces and an efficient production process in the field of machining, forming, cleaning and protecting metals.

In our product range:


Cooling lubricants

Cooling lubricants dissipate heat, protect the tool and prevent corrosion of the workpiece. This saves costs and improves the quality of the products. This is only possible if the liquids themselves are of high quality, such as those from Mavom. The new generation of fluids is boric acid-free and does not release formaldehyde during machining processes. That way your people work safely.


Cutting oils

Cutting oils are used in heavy metalworking processes and are therefore specially formulated to absorb the high pressure load. Mavom has an extensive range of cutting oils with which we can offer the right solution for your process.




Deep drawing oils

Deep drawing is a specialist technique in which metal is formed under high pressure into a seam-free product. Good surface lubrication is necessary to prevent the mold and punch from wearing out unnecessarily quickly or from the product seizing on the mould. Mavom supplies deep drawing oils with special additives that ensure perfect lubrication of your deep drawing process.

Equipment metaalbewerkingsvloeistoffen


To support our metalworking fluids program, we offer MixMasters and refractometers, among others. These aids help to control the quality of the mixed liquid.

How can we help you?

Do you have questions about our products or certain applications? We are here to help you find the right chemistry for your application. Please contact us by webform or give us a call on +31 (0) 172 27 6000.

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