Bostik is one of the largest adhesive producers and international market leader in adhesive technologies. Bostik adhesives can be found in countless applications in the manufacture and assembly of products within various sectors such as the automotive, aviation industry, railway and also in construction.


Bostik, through their parent company Arkema, a well-known specialty chemicals manufacturer, has access to a global full supply chain, including innovative raw materials, sustainable sourcing and energy-efficient manufacturing capabilities. This enables Bostik to continuously expand their product range. In addition to the cyanoacrylate adhesives, there are now also Born2Bond anaerobic adhesives.

In our product range:

Cyanoacrylaat lijmen


The Born2Bond cyanoacrylate adhesives are 1- and 2-component fast curing adhesives. In our range we offer 1K ultra products, 2K products and Light Lock dual cure products. After seconds, the Ultra products have very good adhesion to many substrates such as leather, wood, rubber, plastics and metals. In addition, they are low blooming and do not require fragrance and hazard labels. Just like the Light Lock dual cure products, which are the first odorless, light curing cyanoacrylates on the market. The 2K products are the new generation of high-quality 2-component adhesives. These products combine a fast curing time with a high bond strength with a wide variety of properties: high flexibility, impact resistance and machinability.

• 1K ultra products

• 2K products

• Light Lock dual cure products

Anaërobe lijmen Bostik Born2Bond

Anaerobic adhesives

These one component locking agents cure in the absence of oxygen, but contact with metal is necessary. The range includes solutions that are resistant to vibrations, shocks, chemicals, oils and extreme temperatures. The products with a high torsional strength are also suitable for heavy construction scenarios. This also makes them interesting for the manufacturing industry, more particularly the transport industry, anything on wheels, where often use is made of the sealing and fixing properties of the anaerobic adhesives. We offer products in 4 categories:

• Thread locker

• Cylindrical assemblies

• Pipe Seals

• Liquid gaskets.

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